Joanne Kent

My work is a continuing exploration of materials, mostly paint, and its application.The works are minimal in form and express the intrinisic qualities of the materials used and how these works exist in an environment. Works include paintings, sculptures, and photography.

I have exhibited extensively in Washington, D.C., and in other areas. I am the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant and grants from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and hold an MFA degree from the University of Minnesota.

March–April 2013 "Archeo," District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC), Washington, DC
November 2011 Waddel Art Gallery, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), Sterling, VA
October–November 2010 "Paintings," PASS Gallery, Washington, DC
October–November 2009 "Basso Continuo," Parish Gallery, Washington, DC
November–December 2008 PASS Gallery (then, there, now [photos]), Washington, DC
October 2005 PASS Gallery, Washington, DC
June–July 2004 Art on Location, Muleh, Washington, DC
November 2002 Gallery K, Washington, DC
June 2000

Gallery K, Washington, DC

February 1999
Gallery K, Washington, DC
August 1998

Parish Gallery, Washington, DC

April 1998 Gallery K, Washington, DC
May 1995 Gallery 10, Washington, DC
September 1986
Anton Gallery, Washington, DC
March 1985 Anton Gallery, Washington, DC
November 1983 Hardart Gallery, Washington, DC
April 1983 Gray Gallery, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota
March–June 2014 2-person show, Heurich Gallery, Washington, DC
September–November 2012 "Waxworks," (5-person show), Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA
June–July 2012 "Cross Section," Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba, NY, NY
June–July 2010 "Of Itself, Medium as Message," Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA
July 2011, 2012, 2013 "Wall Mountables," DCAC, Washington, DC
November 2009–January 2010 "Bilateral Engagement" (sculpture), Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC
November 2008 "Aquifer" (sculpture), Edison Place Gallery, Washington, DC
April 2007 Warehouse Art Complex, "Without Representation," Washington, DC
February 2007 WPA/C Centerpiece Artist Auction, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
January–February 2007 "Intervene/Activate," The Union Gallery, University of Maryland, College Park
October 2006 "Shock and Awe, Artists Against the War," Warehouse Art Complex, Washington, DC
May 2006 Parish Gallery, Washington, DC
January–March 2006 "Remembering Marc and Komei," The Katzen Arts Center at American University, Washington, DC
January–March 2006 "Sculpture Unbound," Edison Place Gallery, Washington, DC
September 2005 "Where Is the Peace," Warehouse Gallery, Washington, DC
May 2005 Anne C. Fisher Gallery, Washington, DC (2-person show)
March–May 2005 "Thick and Thin," Cultural Arts Center, Glen Allen, Virginia
September 2004 "War or Peace," Warehouse Theater, Washington, DC
September 2003 "Altscapes," Warehouse Theater, Washington, DC
June–July 2003 "Strictly Painting," McClean Project for the Arts, Virginia
June 2003 Anti-war Poster Show, Macy Gallery at Teachers College, Columbia University, NY, NY
July and December 2002 Gallery K, Washington, DC, small works
April–June 2002 "Inaugural Exhibition," Eleven Eleven Sculpture Space, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC
October–January 2001–2002 "Out of Tradition," Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, Delaware
July and December 2001 Gallery K, Washington, DC, small works
October 2001 PASS Gallery, Washington, DC (2-person show)
July 2001 "Futur," McClean Project for the Arts, Virginia
July 2000 Signal 66, Washington, DC
May–June 2000 Troyer Gallery, Washington, DC (4-person show)
December 1999 Lindenberg Gallery, Chelsea, New York
September 1999 PASS Gallery, Washington, DC (2-person show)
August 1999 "Intervistas, Between the Bridges," Brooklyn, New York
(site-specific outdoor exhibition)
April 1998 "Cooks Smell Time," Ruthless Grip Art Project, Washington, DC
January 1998 Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, Virginia
September 1997 Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC (group landscape show)
January–May 1997 "Sculpture Now 97," Washington Square, Washington, DC
March 1997 "Surface Knowledge," George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
January–February 1996 "Shelf Life," D.C. Arts Center, Washington, DC (4-person show)
November 1995 "Peace, Equality, and Democracy," World Bank, Washington, DC
May 1994 "Across Borders/Sin Fronteras," Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC
November 1993 "Art and Alchemy," Washington project for the Arts, DC
June 1993 "The Hand Reaches," Fondo del Sol Visual Arts and Media Center, Washington, DC (3-person show)
June 1993 "Explorations," Jones Troyer Fitzpatrick Gallery, Washington, DC (5-person show)
September 1991 "Minimalism Today," Bathhouse, Atlanta Arts Festival (13-person show), Georgia
April 1991 "Giving Shelter," BauHaus, Baltimore, Maryland
September 1990 Andrea Ruggieri Gallery, Washington, DC
September 1989
"Allusions," Dimmock Gallery, George Washington University, DC
July 1989 AFR Gallery, Washington, DC
March 1987 Anton Gallery, Washington, DC (2-person show)
March 1984 "Content/Discontent," Washington Project for the Arts, DC (4-person show)
MFA/BFA University of Minnesota, 1978/1976, Minneapolis
Painting Corcoran School of Art (1972/1973)
French Alliance Française, Paris (summer 1971)
Liberal Arts University of Maryland, European Division, Heidelberg, Germany (1969-1971)

University of Heidelberg, Germany (summer 1969)

1993/1997 DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Grant in Aid
1992 Gottleib Foundation Artists Grant
1992 Artists Fellowship
1987 Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant